Product name: 6th Gear – Ultimate Challenge
Platform: Pocket PC
Price: $9.95 for a limited time!
Requirements: ARM/XSCALE
Also available on: Palm OS, Smartphone


Get ready, drive! Enjoy the fastest driving action for your mobile device!
Including a 3D environment with turns, ups and downs! Various driving modes!

Practice Mode

Practice your driving skills before you go for the real thing!

Arcade Mode

It’s a race against time! Complete all laps, without missing your checkpoints!

One-on-One racing

Test your driving skills against an opponent!

Circuit racing

See if you can complete all 15 stages in record times!

Game Features

  • Stunning 3D rendered graphics
  • Real-time scaled objects.
  • Digitized sound and quality music with our new sound engine!
  • 5 Scenery’s to choose from
  • 6 Car skins with pre-set specifications
  • Customize your own car including:
  • Drag, Brakes, Grip, Mass
  • Engine performance (Full torque curves!)
  • Gear ratio’s
  • Cruise Control

Other settings include:

  1. Weather conditions (Sun, Rain & Snow!)
  2. Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  3. Damage Control
  4. Fully customisable controls
  5. MPH or KMH display
  6. Auto or Manual gear shifting

Includes 4 game modes:

  1. Practice mode
  2. Arcade mode
  3. One-on-one racing
  4. Circuit mode

Saves Lap, Track and Circuit records, all resetable..


Car Damage Indicator with bonus repairs in Circuit mode!

Realistic physics model with actual car specifications!