Product name : Super Trooper
Platform : Pocket PC
Price : $9.95
Requirements : ARM/XSCALE
Also available on : Smartphone

Lead your troopers into battle and defeat the enemy in this action packed 3D turn based game !
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“Just when you think a classic game has been re-made enough, a game like Super Trooper will come out and open up your mind again. I enjoy the new 3D concept built on the classic form and the bells and whistles that come with it.”
Bobby Meeks using Dell Axim X5
“This is a great game – old school fun trajectory, power, boom!!! Lotsa great weapons and I like that the characters look like Cartman. Runs well on my Dell – no hangups at all. I STRONGLY recommend registration to get the cool weapons and new locations.”
Yuriy Aleksyeyev using Compaq iPAQ H3760/5
“Wow! The demo blew me away! This is like Worms or Snails but only better because it’s in complete 3D enviroment! Holy cr*p!”