Product name : Brain Blocker
Platform : Pocket PC
Price : $5.99
Requirements : ARM/XSCALE/MIPS/SH3
Also available on : Palm OS, Smartphone

Fun, addictive and cheap puzzle game where you have to flip all your braincells to blue. 100 Levels in Full version ! Played on a 8×8 board, you have to swop all green braincells to blue braincells. It sounds easy, but can really be a BIG challenge for anyone. Try to fix your brain as fast as possible, and in the least number of flips, to improve your highscore.
Ada Lai using Compaq iPAQ H3760/5
“Fun game – very challenging, but .. beware of super smart kids playing this! My 11-year-old daughter figured it out so quickly that she is now many levels past me. However, it just challenges me to catch up to her — great for the car and restaurants. I especially like the ability to mute the sound (thanks!)”