Product name : Suicide Chess
Platform : Pocket PC
Price : $12.95
Requirements : ARM/XSCALE/MIPS/SH3
Also available on : Palm OS

The first ever suicide chess program for your mobile device and maybe the first ever for any platform! A fun and colorful chess variant, where the player who loses all his material wins the game ! If you can take a opponents piece, you have to take it. But you can take anyone if theres more than one to take. Play against an intelligent computer or a friend. Chose up to 15 different computer levels. Select the time of the gameplay, and the amount of time to be added on each move. You can also watch how the computer plays against itself and learn a few tricks. Takeback a move if you made a mistake (Good when you are learning the game). Smooth and colorful display and sounds to add to the fun. Become an expert suicide chess player now !